What kind of food is Brazilian turtle?

The Brazilian Turtle is a food shrimp. In addition to shrimp, the Brazilian Turtle also eats some meat, but before giving the Brazilian tortoise, it is necessary to confirm whether the meat has parasite pathogens, so there are many problems when feeding. .

The Brazilian turtle is an omnivorous turtle. It can be eaten, try to provide normally regular food to them. It is recommended that the adult 3 times a week will be one day. In addition to meat, fish and shrimp, they can also accept green plants and aquatic plants. The nutrition of commercial turtles and cat dog foods can be provided. This kind of turtle is very sensitive to the smell, so it will grab food. Under artificial feeding conditions, like animal bait, such as fish, pork, animal internal organs, 蚌, screws and sputum (rocking larvae), red silkworm (water 水), yellow powder worm (bread), fly maggot, etc. . Love to eat shrimp. Also vegetables, rice, melon fruit and other plants. The red ear turtle season is not selective, and all the day is all. There is a feeding behavior in hunger, and there is a big phenomenon.

It is best to feed it when feeding the Brazilian tortoise, don't feed it to eat something freely.

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