What kind of vegetables eat in Brazilian Turtle

The Brazilian Turtles are generally do not eat vegetables. Even if they want to eat, they cut the leaves of the vegetables into a small piece of a small piece of a small piece, so it is good to digest, in fact, the Brazilian Turtle is mainly eating meat.

1, live shrimp, Brazilian turtle favorite food, supermarket a lot of cocktail bought, just that, to live, exercise their nature, one can eat one or two days; [ 123]

2, scorpion, shell, live, the whole thrown, it will open the shell, but can not see, generally finished at night;

3, fry, live Small fish, very good food;

4, meat, beef, lamb, pork can, but fresh lean meat;

5, rice, cooked rice; [123 ]

6, vegetables, fresh green vegetables, small pieces of small pieces, add vitamin C;

7, melon, apple, pear can't;

8, must remember Diligent water, the water is going to change, too dirty is easy to produce bacteria, but the tap water is best to put in the sun for a few minutes, Chlorine;

9, more sun, long fast .

10, do not use the turtle to buy outside, unreliable, and no nutrition.

These are all things that the Brazilian Turtles can eat, as long as it is guaranteed to give it to it.

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