What is the Brazilian turtle to eat?

The Brazilian Turtle is mainly to eat shrimp, and I like to eat shrimp, so it will eat shrimp, because it will eat more if it loves to eat, and some things will eat.

Usually fed fresh small fish seedlings, fresh shrimp, live shrimp living body bread, etc., the most suitable food to turtle turtle, and the turtle also likes to eat.Cut the small fish into a few small pieces, use the toothpick to feed it to eat ~! Or put it in the water, in front of it, let it eat it yourself.For some turtles, directly put the whole fish into the water it will not eat, need to cut into a few paragraphs ~! Shrimp is also the same, take the head to peeled, cut into small pieces, put it into the water to feed it to eat.Try not to feed the turtle to feeding the meat of livestock and other livestock, such as pig lean meat, and there are many parasites, which is easy to get sick.Sarach and other shellfish parasites are also more, and food parasite is very harmful to turtles.

But for the health of the Brazilian Turtle, don't give it to it.

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